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Summer Term 1 Information - 21.04.2022

Spring Term 2 Information - 21.02.2022

Spring Term 1 Information - 05.01.2022

Spring Term Parent/Carer Consultation Evening - 20.01.2022

Autumn Term 2 Information - 01.11.2021

Welcome to Year 1 - 06.09.2021 

Year 1 Blogs

1 July 2022

It has been another busy week in year 1 this week. We have been finishing up our work on ‘Goldilocks and Just the One Bear’ and the adults have been really impressed with the quality of independent writing we have produced.

In PE, Mrs Pateman has enjoyed completing orienteering activities with groups of children, using the markers that we have around our school.

We have also designed and made our sun catchers, which we are really excited to share with you at the celebration of work evening next week. They look beautiful in our classroom windows.

24 June 2022

What an exciting week it has been in year 1!

On Tuesday, we had a fantastic time on our trip to Hamerton Zoo. We loved seeing all of the animals – we saw all different types of birds (big and small), tigers, bears, snakes and more! The children asked some wonderful, curious questions and were so sensible. The children were incredibly sensible and after a tiring day, were ready for a rest on the bus ride home. 

On Wednesday, we took part in Sports Day. Mrs Macdonald was so proud of how year 1 led the younger children and encouraged others she awarded us with a Super Smiley. This means we will be getting a treat very soon!

On Friday, we did a new ‘Now Press Play’ experience all about seasons. We saved the world from Jack Frost while learning about the 4 different seasons and what happens in each one. 






17 June 2022

This week we have enjoyed spending time completing our independent rainbow challenges and exploring our outdoor space. The adults have been really proud of how well we have worked as part of a team and how we have been supporting each other to complete our challenges.


At forest school we enjoyed balancing on the rope and using our upper body strength to pull ourselves into hanging upside down. We built a natural den using sticks and use yarn and sticks to make a butterfly. 





10 June 2022

Some recent highlights in year 1 have included:

Painting our own portraits of the queen. We looked a photos to help us and mixed all the colours independently.

Parading our crowns and country dancing at our Key Stage 1 Jubilee party. 

Enjoying the greenery at forest school by creating bunting using the dyes from the leaves and flowers, cooking in the mud station and hiding in the long grass. We have also loved making crowns, shields and swinging on the swings.

We have been really enjoying completing our rainbow challenges which have included working together to make a 100 square, creating peg board pictures and completing numbots challenges.


6 May 2022

This week at Forest School we had some wonderful imaginative play guided by some older children who came to support us. We loved seeing the children play collaboratively and become so immersed in their outdoor learning and play. We also made clay woodland creatures using natural resources such as leaves and twigs and enjoyed using our bodies to climb a rope ladder!

In English we have been writing in role as Hoctopize from Toys In Space by Mini Grey. We have been thinking about using different types of sentences including questions and exclamations and punctuating them appropriately.

We loved taking part in the multi-skills festival this week too. The adults were so proud of how we conducted ourselves and worked as part of a team. 


29 April 2022

This week we were extremely excited to welcome Milkshake the hamster to our class. We have loved watching her, holding her and learning how to look after her. We can’t wait to do more of this over the coming weeks, while also allowing her time to sleep as we have discussed how she is nocturnal so not usually awake during the day and needs plenty of rest.

We have also really enjoyed learning about different types of maps this week. We designed our own maps for an imaginary zoo after looking at lots of examples from different real life zoos. We spoke about the features we wanted to be in our zoo and then the features the map needed including a key.

At Forest School, we enjoyed making mud faces using natural resources. We also enjoyed swinging on the standing swing that Mrs Jackson made.



22 April 2022

This week we have had some exciting new additions to our classroom! We are really looking forward to watching our tadpoles change and develop. They are already looking bigger!

In PE we have started playing tennis. We have been balancing the ball, bouncing it and serving. 

At forest school we enjoyed doing some natural art using materials we found in the forest. The adults were really impressed with our teamwork and co-operative play this week. 

We have started reading Toys in Space by Mini Grey. We have been thinking about how the toys would feel the first time they saw the stars and learning about the 1st, 2nd and 3rd person. We are looking forward to seeing what happens as we read more of the story.  

25 March 2022

This week Year 1 have enjoyed learning about weight and mass as part of their maths learning. We have been using the terms ‘heavier’ ‘lighter’ and ‘equal mass’ and comparing the weights of different objects using the balance scales.

We have also been making the most of our outdoor area and the beautiful weather by accessing a range of busy learning activities including mark making with chalk and measuring liquid in the water tray.  

Ms Ames also came back down to year 1 to share the results of our science week experiments. We couldn’t believe how much bacteria had grown in the petri dishes and we definitely will be thinking more about how we are washing our hands, especially before we eat.


Year 1 also got very creative, crafting some beautiful Mother’s Day cards! We hope you enjoyed them! 


18 March 2022

This week Year 1 have had a range of exciting opportunities!

On Monday, Ms Ames came to visit us from secondary. She talked to us about how we can grow bacteria. We put our fingers in some agar jelly in a petri dish and we will see them again next week so see if anything has grown.

On Wednesday we enjoyed making our own spinning toys at forest school. We decorated them and then used the hand drill to drill holes for the string to go. We also supported our friends with balancing on the strap line and enjoyed cooking up a feast for the adults in the mud station. 

On Wednesday afternoon, we all visited the secondary science labs for a science lesson with Mr Roberts. We enjoyed learning about chromatography and watching chemical reactions.


11 March 2022

This week year 1 have enjoyed learning about the human body. We have been thinking about the different body parts and what they help us do. We have also been thinking about our senses. We identified the 5 senses and the body parts they are associated with and then thought of things we could see, taste, smell, hear and touch.

In English we have been continuing to complete work around The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth by Ellie Hattie. We have been designing menus for dinosaurs and writing descriptive sentences about endangered animals. The adults have been so impressed with the amazing vocabulary the children have been using.





In maths we have been learning about length and height. We have been using non-standard measures to measure items around the classroom and have then progressed on to using a ruler to measure things using centimetres. We have also been the language of longer, shorter, longest and shortest to compare the length of items.

11 February 2022

We have had a very busy last week of the half term this week! We have really enjoyed using our outdoor area, which is much easier for us to access regularly now that we have a new fence up. The children have loved using the sand and water trays where we have been talking about capacity and volume, riding bikes and scooters and working as a team to build dens. The adults have been so impressed with the problem solving and collaborative learning that has taken place. 


At forest school we worked extremely hard to sand, decorate and drill our own woodland medallions. Mrs Jackson was so proud of how careful everyone was when using a new tool. We also enjoyed mud painting and making ‘fireworks’ out of sticks. 


This week in maths we have continued our learning around place value. We have been thinking about representing numbers in different ways and have used a range of manipulatives such as numicon, tens frames and base 10 to support our learning.

We have been enjoying a range of sea themed poems in English this week and have had a go at writing some of our own too. We have been thinking lots about rhyming words and descriptive language.

4 February 2022

There has been lots of exciting learning going on in year 1 this week! In busy learning, groups of children have worked well as a team using the blocks to tell the story of The Great Fire of London. They were able to tell adults all about what had happened during the fire and how people tried to put it out using a bucket line.

In our whole class reading sessions we have begun thinking about non-fiction texts. We spoke about features such as the index, glossary, contents page and photographs with labels and captions. We then looked for these features in the non-fiction books we have in our classroom.

At forest school we enjoyed drawing with charcoal from the fire and climbing trees! 

On Friday we finally got to celebrate earning 20 blue smileys. The children voted for a movie afternoon and decorating biscuits so we baked our own biscuits and decorated them with lots of tasty things! Well done year 1!



28 January 2022

This week we were so lucky to be able to have a zoom call with Kate Cunningham, the author of Vlad and the Great Fire of London. The children asked some amazing questions such as ‘what is your favourite story?’ and ‘did you dream of being an author?’ We were treated to a special animated version of the story and loved finding out about being an author.

We have completed our learning about Vlad and the Great Fire of London now and all of the adults were amazed by how well the children were able to retell the story and the effort they put into their work.

In PE we have been learning different kinds of jumps, including tuck jumps, star jumps and leaps. We have enjoyed using different types of apparatus and jumping off, thinking about how we need to land safely.



14 January 2022

Year 1 really enjoyed making bird feeders at forest school. We thought about what we would need and why they are important, especially in winter. We hope this will encourage children to look for birds as part of the RSPB Bird Watch. 


We have been doing lots of writing around ‘The Lion Inside’ by Rachel Bright. The children have thought about what the characters are like and came up with lots of super adjectives to describe them. We have also been working on joining words using ‘and’. The adults in year 1 have been really impressed with our independent writing.

In maths we have been working on using manipulatives to support our learning. We have been working hard to use number lines and tens frames to support us with our addition and subtraction problem solving. 

7 January 2022

Year 1 had a wonderful time learning all about the Great Fire of London this week. We were so lucky to be joined by Master Patrick from History Off The Page who taught us all about London in the 17th Century.

We took part in a range of activities including making scent bags at the perfumer, leather bookmarks baking bread and making ink and writing with quills. 



We also had to help out with catching rats and trying to put the fire out!

After lunch we had a very important job of being detectives. We had to carefully investigate the rubble left after fire to try to find out what type of shop the items were from and what had happened to the building.

It was a fantastic start to our new topic and the children made us very proud with how carefully they took part in each activity. Well done year 1! 

26 November 2021

Another exciting couple of weeks in year 1! Last week, we entered The Queen’s Baton competition. The children worked really hard to design a baton which represented The Commonwealth Games and did some fantastic writing alongside it. We thought about how the Queen would motivate people to do well in their competitions and wrote motivational speeches which included phrases such as ‘you can do it!’


At Forest School, we have been really enjoying developing our teamwork skills whilst completing our Commando Joe missions. The children worked in groups to build a house for the 3 little pigs which matched an example and led each other around the dark forest making sure they didn’t hurt themselves on any obstacles.


We love sharing our home learning every time it is brought into school. The children are so proud of the learning they have completed at home and love asking each other questions about what they have been doing.

We have started working on our DT project of making moon buggies this week. The children have designed their moon buggy, collected the resources they need and have been sawing pieces of dowel to the correct length to make the axles.


12 November 2021

This week we launched our Moon Zoom topic! The children were informed on Monday morning of an alien spaceship being spotted on the playground. We have been looking for clues during our outdoor times through the week, but haven’t found any aliens yet!

We followed this up with an exciting Now Press Play experience where we learnt all about Neil Armstrong and his journey to becoming an astronaut.

In Forest School this week, the children worked with Mrs Jackson to build a shelter because we thought it might rain. They worked as part of a team to problem solve and figure out how to keep the tarpaulins up so that we could stay dry, and then enjoyed their snack in a special log circle underneath. I also had some very helpful children help me litter picking to keep our forest school area clean and tidy.

On Wednesday afternoon we had a special treat of an acrobatics taster session. We were really impressed with the resilience the children showed when attempting forward rolls and other balances and the children loved having a go on the bouncy mat!

On Thursday we had a remembrance service with reception class. The children decorated their ‘candles’ with poppies and we thought about why we had bought poppies and slap bands. The children really impressed us with how respectful they were during the two minute silence.

8 November 2021

A Space Craft has landed at Cromwell!!

5 November 2021

It has been a very busy first week back in year 1! As part of our RE learning this half term, we attended a Diwali workshop where we performed the story of Rama and Sita through dance. Back in class, we learnt about how Diwali is celebrated and have completed a range of activities including making our own Diva lamps. 

At Forest School on Wednesday we completed our first Commando Joe Mission. We needed to work together as a team to collect materials from across the forest to build a new house for the 3 little pigs. The children showed real resilience and were great at encouraging their team mates.


We were also very surprised to find a barn owl. The Raptor Foundation came to help make sure he was OK and then brought him into our classroom so we could see him. He was only a baby!

In English, we have been bothered by a naughty monster called Nibbles. He has been causing mischief and eating things all around our classroom!

15 October 2021

This week we have been very busy preparing for Mr Fox’s woodland party! We wrote letters to tell him we would like to come and began making animal masks to wear to the party.

At forest school we had a fantastic time hunting for bugs! We found a beetle and used the bug book to try and identify what type of beetle it was. We also got to eat some tasty popcorn that we cooked over the fire.

In maths we have been creating our own number lines which we have been using to count. Some children even had a go at counting in 10s!

We have also been busy baking biscuits as part of our learning around harvest. We thought about how each ingredient was made the the work the farmers put in. We then decided to share our biscuits with adults around school and reception class. Well done year 1 for being such kind children!

8 October 2021

This week Mrs Jennings has been particularly impressed with our writing! We have written lists of the things we would pack to take with us to the South Pole and we have written some wonderful descriptive sentences using adjectives.




In maths we have been ordering numbers from smallest to greatest and from greatest to smallest. We have also been learning about ordinal numbers. Mrs Jennings has set a challenge – can anyone complete it?





As part of our PSHE and assembly focus for this week we completed a Now Press Play activity around Bullying. We have been thinking about the things we do at Cromwell to make sure we include others and are kind to everyone. Year 1 demonstrated some excellent listening skills and were able to identify the unkind behaviours in the story and talk about what the characters should have done instead.

We have also been loving working in our outdoor area using our large construction materials.  It is wonderful seeing the children work collaboratively and creatively to build different structures!


1 October 2021

We have been very busy in Year 1 this week! At Forest School we were inspired by Andy Goldsworthy to create our own pieces of transient art. The children carefully considered what resources they would use and what they wanted their finished piece of work to look like. It was a bit tricky, as it was a windy day!


In our music lesson this week we were very excited to be using the glockenspiels. The children listened carefully to the song we were learning and were able to play the notes C, D and E in time. Mrs Jennings was very impressed!

We have also been very creative in the construction area this week, with lots of elaborate and exciting buildings appearing around our classroom!


Finally, we had a wonderful time in PE this week, developing our throwing and catching skills. The children demonstrated real resilience and were wonderful at encouraging their friends.


24 September 2021

We have had a wonderful couple of weeks settling in to our new routines and classroom. In maths we have been focusing on our numbers to 10, thinking about how we can represent them and finding one more and one less.

In English we have been reading ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. We have been helping the man from the Lost and Found Office to label the animals so they can be returned and have been working hard on writing sentences with capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. 

As part of our ‘Enchanted Woodland’ topic we have been adding to our nature table, which we have been exploring using magnifying glasses. We have been learning about the parts of plants and sorting items based on whether they are living or not living.

We have had a wonderful few weeks at Forest School and this week planted our own seeds which we will be watering and caring for in hopes that they grow!