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Cromwell Community College

Sixth Form Student Contract

When you become a sixth form learner at Cromwell Community College, you enter into an agreement. The rights and responsibilities of all partners (college, students and parents/carers) involved in this contract are set out below. Please read this contract carefully before you sign it, as this is your agreement to follow the terms set out. 

The College and the Sixth Form team will:

  • Provide high quality teaching and learning to fully support students to achieve their potential.
  • Support and monitor all students with their academic success through regular monitoring, mentoring and reporting effective pastoral support.
  • Keep parents informed about progress within the school. Contact parents/carers if there are any concerns raised and respond promptly to any concerns and queries raised by parents/carers.
  • Provide a range of enrichment opportunities to enhance the learning experience.
  • Monitor attendance and advise parents/carers of concerns as soon as possible.
  • Provide access to high quality information, advice and guidance for all students.
  • To work with the student voice committees to actively listen to and respond to the concerns raised by students.

Sixth Form Students will:

  • Work to their full potential in lessons, private study and in other activities. Students will adopt a positive work ethic, arriving for lessons promptly and fully prepared.
  • Complete all work to the deadline set by the staff and catch up on any missed work.
  • Ensure a 95% of attendance and lesson punctually (aim for 100%). Students will attend all timetabled sessions including GCSE Maths and English re-sit classes if these are necessary.
  • Follow the correct procedures if they wish to change a subject during the probationary period.
  • Signing in and out of college must be completed on the electronic system for fire registers. You are expected to be in school for the full school day until October half term and then you will be expected to attend lessons, PD and mentor meetings.
  • Raise concerns with staff in a timely manner to ensure effective intervention can take place.
  • Act as a responsible and committed member of the college community respecting the facilities available and making full use of the opportunities offered.
  • Be a good role model to younger pupils by promoting Cromwell’s ethos and expectations and to play a full part in the life of the college. No smoking, alcohol or
  • illegal substances are to be used or brought onto the premises. This action would lead to permanent exclusion.
  • Limit the amount of part time work undertaken so that it does not interfere with schoolwork (7-8 hours per week is a sensible maximum).
  • Register your car or motorcycle with Mrs Fisher by completing our Sixth Form Parking Application Form. You will be given access to the back gate.
  • Mobile phones can be used in the sixth form area but not in main school and never in lessons, unless required by teacher.
  • Do not wear clothing/items that are on the non-appropriate list on the Post 16 Dress Code.

Parents/Carers will:

  • Support the college positively by re-enforcing the ethos and expectations of the Sixth Form Contract and code of conduct, including the dress code and attendance.
  • Keep the college informed of any absence or issues that may affect their son/daughter’s education and learning.
  • Attend Parent’s Evening.
  • Encourage their son/daughter to take responsibility for his/her learning and maintain a positive attitude to learning.
  • Support the college positively by re-enforcing the ethos and expectations.