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Cromwell Community College

Reading Scheme

What books form our Reading Scheme?

Pupils learn to read using a wide variety of phonic based books published by Oxford University Press.  All of the books are banded according to levels which the teachers closely monitor.  Alongside these books, pupils have the opportunity to select from a huge choice of 'Children's Choice' books from the other publishers in the class library to broaden their reading experience. The 'Children's Choice' books are designed for pupils to develop a love of reading.

How are our books graded?

We colour code our books in line with 'Book Band'/Age related levels.

How do children progress through the colour bands?

Children are regularly assessed to determine their sight vocabulary and the strategies they use to read unfamiliar words and on fluency and ability to comprehend what they read. Their teacher then uses this as a basis to place them on the correct colour band.

Below is a table to show which book band is used for each level of reading. It is important to know that although children may be able to read fluently, they may not comprehend what they read. The levels on the grid do relate to level of comprehension.

* Please note that these colours may not totally match the colour of the stickers on books.