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At Cromwell we feel it is of vital importance to keep you fully informed of your child’s progress in all their subjects. We want you to be able to see where they are doing well and where they might be finding a subject a little bit more challenging. We know that pupils aren’t always as forthcoming about life at school as parents might like them to be, so we want to help you to have an insight into your child’s school life in between the formal reports and parents’ evenings.

We use a web and App based programme called Go4Schools which will allow you to access data about your child 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can access information about your child and your child only. Nobody else will be able to access information about your child unless you give them your log in details.

To set up a Go4Schools account and access the free App on your mobile phone/tablet, please follow the guides below. 

Once you have logged in you will be able to see information on target grades, current grades, progress towards targets, behaviour for learning information, concerns from subject teachers, attendance and homework. Your child will also have their own login and can view the same information.

 How can I use Go4schools?


You can view your child’s 2 weekly timetable.


Detailed attendance information is available via Go4Schools but please be aware this operates on a 24 hour delay. If you feel any information is incorrect, please contact the Welfare & Attendance Officer.


Teacher’s set homework on Go4Schools. Therefore you can use the App to see when your child has been set homework and if they have completed it. Your child will also be able to keep track of their homework from their own Go4Schools account and can set up reminder notifications.


We have high expectations for behaviour at Cromwell, where pupils do not regularly meet these expectations, negative behaviour points along with ‘home notes’ may be added to Go4Schools to allow you to have a conversation with your child. Please note these are not visible from the App but you will be able to see the concern that the member of staff has had. If you download the App these can be regularly pushed through as a notification, along with other key information.


This section provides you with the grades and marks your child has achieved in the different areas assessed in each subject.

Expected Level (Key Stage 3 only)

This is the aspirational target we have set for your child for the end of the academic year using KS2 SAT scores and/or CAT4 data. Your child will be given a target of Emerging, Developing, Secure, Advanced or Exceptional for each assessed piece of work they complete.

GCSE / Key Stage 5 Target (Key Stages 4/5 only)

This is the aspirational target we have set for your child for the End of Key Stage 4/5.


This is the level that your child is currently working at based on all the available assessment information. Staff will update these value regularly and it is clearly indicated which scheme of learning it is related to so you can reference this via our website. Where pupils are not making significant enough progress, this will be reflected in your child’s reports and raised with you via dialogue with your child’s teachers where needed.

At Expected Level? (KS3) or Meeting GCSE/KS5 Target? (KS4/5)

A simple indicator that shows if they are meeting, exceeding or not yet at their target level. There is no expectation they will meet their target until the end of the academic year or qualification.

Exam Results

This is the grade of any qualifications that your child may already have gained.

Please note that you are also able to view the results of any modules that your child has either completed or is due to be completed in a subject area.


Reports are produced that comment on your child’s progress in each subject, behaviour for learning, any subject concerns and whether they are considered to be on track with expected progress based on the what we know about your child. Where the pupil is not considered to be on track, a written comment will also be shared with pupils and parents. These are available on your child’s section of Go4Schools and can be either read on screen or downloaded as a PDF file.