Destinations and retention

We are very privileged to have such talented students at Cromwell.


Our academic achievement is improving every year with excellent results in 2016-2017. Our dedicated sixth form team offer high quality pastoral care and support for every student at Cromwell. The sixth form teaching staff, form tutors and careers advisors work together to offer this high quality of pastoral care. Tutor groups and class sizes are small (less than 20) which allows for small group and individual mentoring to take place. These smaller class sizes allow our pupils more time to develop their learning and skills, and provides a valuable base to build upon for a future career.

We are committed to ensuring that all our students have every opportunity which is available to them when they leave Cromwell.  The majority (over 75%) of our students continue into apprenticeships, continued education or university and attend some of the most prestigious universities in the UK and/or abroad, including Oxford, Cambridge and Russell Group universities. Our students who do not continue in education use the skills they have gained though their studies to transition into permanent employment or take a gap year.

For more information on where you could attend after you have completed your A levels please visit our Moving On page or speak to Mrs Paul, Director of Post 16.

Retention data KS5 2017-2018

Number of Yr. 12 students in September 2017

Number taking A levels who transferred

Number taking Vocational subjects who transferred

Number of students in September 2018





All students transferred to either employment, apprenticeships, or Further Education colleges.

The 8 who transferred from vocational did so as it was a one year course.


Year 13 destinations 2018









Gap Year


Unemployed ( to be tracked)