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Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is positioned on the Science corridor between Sc2 and Sc4. Mrs French is the Learning Hub Manager and takes care of the Library between 8:20am - 15:45pm Monday to Friday. The Learning Hub offers a large selection of reading material for all year groups, with over 24,000 resources to choose from. There is an extensive selection of non-fiction and reference resources, a large range of fiction books ranging from the classics to the most recent releases, a selection of magazines and periodicals are also available. There is an Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) area including Post 16 & Post 18 options. Pupils can borrow up to 4 resources at a time for a 2 week period.

Learning Hub Newsletter

Pupil Librarians

The Learning Hub is a comfortable and quiet environment ideal for reading and research. Visitors to the Hub will often be welcomed by one of our fabulous Pupil Librarians volunteering at the issuing desk. Pupils interested in becoming a College Librarian will follow a training programme achieving a certificate and badge at the end of their training.

Becoming a Pupil Librarian is a great way to meet new friends, develop social skills and become more confident. It gives pupils a real sense of responsibility, if individuals are interested in training to become a Pupil Librarian they should speak to Mrs French, who is always happy to recruit.

Reading Cloud

The College uses Eclipse.net – Reading Cloud, the online interactive library system, where pupils can access their library account, search for books and resources, reserve items of their choice and add book reviews from a PC in any area of the school and from home. Logging in from home gives pupils access to library searches, author videos, reservations and renewals. Please follow the link below.

To access Reading Cloud from your mobile phone or tablet, you can download the iMLS app for free by visiting your app store.


The Learning Hub runs induction sessions for all Year 7 pupils who join Cromwell each September. Sixth form students also receive an induction to the Post 16 library.

A selection of events are run to encourage the love of reading.

  • Year 7  -  ‘Spring into Reading’
  • Year 8  -  ‘Reading Around the World’
  • Year 9  -  'The Big Reading Quiz'

Pupils from all year groups will frequently have lessons in the Learning Hub, using either the desk areas or the computer suite, a printer is also available.

During break and lunchtimes, reading groups meet regularly, Years 7 - 9 can take part in shadowing the Carnegie book list and also the Librarian training takes place.