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Cromwell Community College

Key Stage 3



In July your son/daughter left their primary school at the end of Key Stage 2.  They have now begun Key Stage 3, which is complete by the end of Year 9.

All pupils will face many new challenges as they move through Cromwell, but it might be useful to think about what Cromwell is aiming to do for you 

Cromwell is aiming to:

  • Prepare pupils for the adult world
  • Teach pupils skills and knowledge that they need for lifelong learning
  • Give pupils a wide range of subject knowledge and skills
  • Help pupils become more independent
  • Show pupils how to think and learn for themselves
  • Give pupils the confidence to join in, ask questions and help others
  • Lay the foundations for success in external examinations and other assessments 


The Curriculum

For the first three years at Cromwell, our pupils will follow a range of courses which are designed to give them a broad and balanced curriculum.  2014 saw the implementation of a reformed Key Stage 3 curriculum with more rigour and range of topics to be covered. The curriculum is organised in the following subject areas:

Art and Design 

Design and Technology






Modern Foreign Languages – French



Physical Education

Philosophy and Ethics




All of these subjects are equally important to pupils as they begin their steps towards gaining qualifications and becoming an adult.

As well as completing assessments throughout each year, our pupils will sit internal exams towards the end of each academic year.  All of these combined will enable them, their parents and their teachers to see how they are progressing towards their target grade.

As part of our policy to maximise the success for all and to personalise the curriculum, some pupils may experience some variations in their curriculum.  It is also college policy to set independent study (homework) when it is appropriate to the course.

Click here for more information on our curriculum

Pupils will also be able to develop important transferable key skills which equip them with the necessary skills for the 21st Century.

These skills include:

  • Creative thinking
  • Team working
  • Reflective learning
  • Effective participation 
  • Becoming self-managers and independent enquirers

Pupils will follow a programme of activities with their form tutor. These are designed to encourage pupils to think about and discuss how they feel about issues and how they handle different situations. “Have I got news for you” sessions will encourage them to be aware of what is happening in the news locally, nationally and globally.  The weekly quiz will also help to develop their knowledge. Pupils will also work with their tutor and the rest of their form group to plan and deliver an assembly to the rest of the year group.

All of the work our pupils do at Cromwell both in and out of lessons will help them to become:

  • Confident individuals
  • Effective learners
  • Responsible citizens