Behaviourwatch is our behaviour reporting system. The system is an on-line database and is designed to celebrate the positive achievements in a pupil's school life.

Positive points are awarded in three levels depending on how good a pupil’s work, behaviour or activity is, for positive actions. The point’s totals are cumulative and they lead to awards at 50, 100 and 200 points.

The pupils with the best scores in each year group are celebrated weekly on the television screens placed around the College site.

The system also lists negative behaviours, again in the three tier structure. This allows the parent/carer to gain a balanced view of their son/daughters progress. Parents/carers are always welcome to contact the College to discuss any issues arising from this communication.

Behaviourwatch is very detailed and it allows us to analyse the data from a number of perspectives, ensuring that we pick up any problems or issues as early as possible, allowing appropriate intervention.

The system is designed to improve communication with home, keeping parents/carers informed and up to date with the day to day progress of their son/daughter in College. At present an email summarising this is sent to parents/carers and the pupil twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, listing and explaining each point. The e-mail also contains information on a pupils ranking within the year group.

Behaviour at Cromwell is officially described by OFSTED as “Good”. I hope in the future to be present in the College when we receive the “Outstanding” grading the pupils in this school deserve. For this to happen we require a full partnership with parents and carers, and it is hoped that the system will go some way in helping to achieve that.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact the College on 01354 692193 or