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Cromwell Community College

Attendance Policy

AIM: To maximise the attendance of every student at Cromwell Community College.

Attending regularly and on time

Regular attendance will help you to make the most of the opportunities here at Cromwell Community College. It will help you to:

  • Keep up with your college work and get the best results you can.
  • Get a job - employers like people who are reliable. 

Remember, your attendance at college will be referred to in any references we write. Also, we often receive paperwork which may help your parents/carers claim back money which asks us to confirm that you are a full-time student, we have to fill in these forms honestly and accurately.

Please sign in using the InVentry system, using your key cards when you arrive at school.

Lanyards must be worn at all times.


Acceptable reasons for absences include:

  • Illness (not minor e.g. a cold). Please collect a self-certification form from the

sixth form office.

  • Emergency dental/medical appointments (please make routine appointments after college or during the holidays).
  • Day of religious observance.
  • Family bereavement.
  • Attending an interview for a job, college, university etc.

Please complete an Absence Request Form. Please collect this from the sixth form office.

If you have a planned absence coming up please collect an orange form from Mrs Fisher to have your absence authorised. Otherwise your absence from school will be noted as unauthorised.

The college will not authorise absence for holidays, driving lessons, part-time work (that is not work experience), day trips, visiting relatives, shopping, birthdays or looking after brothers or sisters etc.

Arrangements for appointments

Students are asked that when making Doctors and Dental appointments that where possible that these are made out of school time, and Mrs Fisher must be informed of the absence in order that it is recorded as an authorised absence. 

If you are sick

If you are feeling ill and unable to attend sixth form please call or email Mrs Fisher first thing in the morning so your attendance record can be adjusted accordingly.

 Attendance Flowchart