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What Our Students Think

"After five enjoyable years at Cromwell, I did not hesitate in deciding to continue my Post 16 studies here to study psychology, sociology and religious studies. I knew that I would get the support from teachers I needed, including detailed marking and exam technique, in order for me to be successful. The teachers ensure that my lessons are engaging and aren’t repetitive; I think this really helps my enjoyment of the lessons. I am always pushed to perform to the best of my ability, being given extension work and additional readings that I can complete in my study periods. Usually, I do work in the designated area for the sixth form as I have a peaceful and spacious environment with access to computers if needed. After Post 16, I hope to go on to university to study either education and sociology or philosophy, religion and ethics. From here, I would like to become a teacher. I know that Cromwell’s sixth form will provide me with all the knowledge and skills to help me reach this." Laura, Year 12.


"The transition from GCSEs to A-Levels was much easier than I expected. I was well informed of the scale of the jump, and how I would have to work a lot harder in order to achieve solid grades. Compared to GCSE’s the workload is increased, but I found it very easy to get used to; after the first couple of weeks I became familiar with the level and amount of work set, and it became significantly easier as a result. I find my courses psychology, history, geography and core maths overall quite enjoyable, with well-structured lessons and enthusiastic teachers who are always on hand to help. I have found my lessons to be engaging, with a mix of group and independent tasks as well as creative tasks. My teachers ensure that I continue to take notes during lessons, that I am tested regularly and complete homework in order to be well prepared for any exams. I am looking to go to university in the United States to study psychology in the near future, and I feel the education I will receive here will put me in good stead for the challenges ahead." Sam, Year 12.


"I came to Cromwell from another school in the area. The most useful part of my transition was the 2 induction days in July. It allowed me to learn the layout of the school, how the day runs and meet new people before the start of September. It was during these days I met my two closest friends. The sixth form being split up into 3 areas with different facilities is really useful. The social room is full of comfy chairs and activities. The quiet room has tables to work on and many computers at our disposal during free periods. The balcony work area is a combination, where both quiet work and social activity can happen alongside work during free periods. The teachers are very dedicated of ensuring everyone makes progress and feels supported. The frequent markings of folders and assessment means you always know ways you can improve. The teachers use a variety of lesson styles to make the course enjoyable, such as debates, experiments and online quizzes. In the future, I plan to explore a range of options now available to me. Having used resources made available to me by the school, I have decided to go to university to study a duel degree." Emma, Year 12.


"The transition period between GCSE and A-Level put a lot of my year group at ease; we were given taster days in June, which familiarised us with what sixth form would be like. We were also given a taste of our subject choices to ensure we had made the right decisions, which was helped me feel more comfortable with the choices I had made. I chose mainly humanities subjects, and the teaching styles have really suited me. The in-class discussions gives everyone active roles, and during class, often give presentations which helped develop my communication skills. When it comes to writing essays, there are sixth form computers and quiet study areas that provide me with access to everything I need to get my work done – which is very important during my exams.When looking forward, I had guidance regarding UCAS, student finance, open days and alternate career-paths, so I felt every option had been available to me. I chose to apply to the University of Oxford.  This was a bit daunting, but the sixth form staff were able to help me write a good personal statement, and gave me a mock interview, so I felt as prepared as I could be before the real thing – and it worked, as I got an offer!" -  Isaac, Year 13