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Our school catering is outsourced to Innovate Services


Innovate Services run our café and offer a wide choice of food and drink at breakfast, break time, lunch and after school.  The café is from 8am to 4pm every school day (2pm Friday) and throughout the day for post 16 students.

Along with the usual breakfast favorite of bacon rolls, lunchtime favourites of sandwiches, baguettes and salad bar, there is a hot 2-course meal served every day.  Various meal deal options are also available.

The hot chute provides a variety of grab ‘n’ go items, perfect for those chilly winter days when pupils need something warm to keep those hunger pangs at bay.  Some items are for sale to post 16 students only including hot chocolate, lattes and cappuccinos.

Our café incorporates a state-of-the-art biometric system that simplifies payment and reduces queuing time. This cashless technology scans points on an individual’s finger to access their account and pay for their food. Pupils therefore do not need to bring any money into school.

Each pupil has an electronic account which is debited to pay for any food purchases made from the café.  Parents can monitor how much money is on their child’s account, and also look at what their child has been buying.  Parents can top the account up whenever they need to, 24 hours a day via ParentPay. This daily spend amount is set at £5.00 per day, unless you specify a different amount. 

The account can be topped up by either:

  • Credit or Debit card over the internet using ParentPay
  • Cash at a PayPoint location*
  • Cash at the till in the café first thing in the morning
  • Free school meals (currently £2.35 per day). This is automatic when entitlement is approved. Parents can top this up if they wish.

*Unique PayPoint bar codes can be printed on your ParentPay registration letter.  These bar codes need to be scanned at the PayPoint location each time an account is topped-up.

Pupils can check their balance at any of our 5 tills to ensure they have enough money to purchase their favourite food.

Post 16 students and adults may, if they wish, pay using a contactless debit or credit card or Apple Pay with an iphone.

Click here to view our menus

Free school Meals


We encourage as many parents as possible to apply for free school meals.  Free school meals are currently worth £446.50 over a year.  If you are entitled to free school meals then please apply and claim them!  If your application is approved, your child's café account will be automatically toped up with £2.35 every day for them to spend in the same way as any other pupil.

Please click here for eligibility and to apply for free school meals